Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello, greetings, salutaions

Hi, It has been awhile I have been busy creating for the Christmas shows that I will be participating in and my mind completely forgot about blogging.

Michelle's visit was great. I so enjoyed having her here and we had lots of fun. We went shopping at my favorite store, Goodwill. She found pants for work and jeans and saved a bundle from the prices down in the DC area. Food, we ate such good food and had wonderful conversations while we ate. We thought that she had a car but when she check for the car insurance, it would have cost her $450.00. It was a 2008 Kia. The reason for the high rate was that she lives in an area that has an extremely high vehicle theft rate. I miss her very much. She's thinking of moving back to Maine and that would be great for me. I am leaving it in God's hands. He knows what is best for her and for me.

Autumn is here and the beauty of nature has enveloped me. I have been out and about with my camera and enjoying every minute of it. The cool crisp air is so inviting. I am not a hot weather person. It is raining and cold today but I don't mind - put on warm fuzzy socks and a sweater and I am good to go. The one thing I don't like about the rain is that it will take many of the leaves off the trees.

After many years of taking my diabetes medications, I found that I was taking it wrong. I was told by a doctor that I used to go to to take this medication at lunch and supper. I just found out that I should be taking it at breakfast and supper. I was getting low blood sugars levels in the very early morning from the meds accumulating in my system. My blood sugar levels are much better now.

I have also started to eat healthier. Snacks are almost out of the picture. I do not say no snacks because that sets me up for failure. I do allow an occassional snack or sweet but that is all. Hopefully, this will lead to a healthier body and better control over my diabetes.

Since I am always tired, my doctor is sending me for a sleep study. I am not looking forward to it. I wonder how anyone can sleep with "things" stuck to their head and body and knowing that some one is looking after you. But I will get the questionnaire sent in this week (I have been procrastinating) and go through with it.

There is much to be done to get ready for the two Christmas craft shows. One is during the Thanksgiving weekend show and the other is mid December. That one is called the last minute shopping show. My prayer is that I will do well with both shows.

Have you ever tried to create Christmas items during the hot weather? I could not get into the creative mode. But have been working lots now that the weather is cooler. There is till so much to create so that I will have a surplus of cards and items for both shows.

Some friends are gathering to make cards for Operation Write Home. This used to be called Cards for Heroes. It will be a fun afternoon of creating and fellowshiping. These cards will go to the military over seas so that they have cards to send home and some are send with messages for our heroes to encourage them and let them know that they are loved. If you want more information on Operation Write Home, check out this site: http://www.operationwritehome.org/ Perhaps some of you will make some cards for them also. It must make these heroes very happy.

I am still trying to get organized. The more I try it seems the behinder I get. Any suggestions. I usually am not organized (except when I worked in an office. Then my desk had to be just so.) It has helped going through things; as I am finding stuff that I don't need and I have boxes full to go to Goodwill.

Well, I would enjoy going for a walk in the rain; with an umbrella of course, but duty calls and I must get some work done around the house and more Christmas cards created.

I love you all and my prayer for you is that you will find the peace that goes beyond all expectations. This peace is only available through our Heavenly Father. God bless you all.
ps. How many of you know what bean hole beans are?