Monday, May 11, 2009


Life has stepped in and taken over. I did not give myself time to work on my blog and I missed it. What have I been doing? There is still the organizing and sorting a room full of art supplies and other things. The first show of the season is coming up for me and I need to get ready for the trip to Maryland for the Bouchat family reunion.

Organizing is not a strong point for me. I can work in chaos and seem to thrive in creating when things are not neat. However, this does not make my home and work area a pleasant area to be in. Plus, I must admit that it makes for a difficult time when trying to find things. Wish there were some magic wand to wave and everything would be in it's place. Was it Mary Poppins who could do that? How does one learn to be organized? If you send an idea and it works, I will send you one of my cards. Don't offer the idea to have some one do it for me as I've thought of that and can not afford it. hee hee

So, I keep plugging away at a room full of supplies and other things. I have been able to share items that I will not be using and filling boxes with items to sell at a yard sale. Also, Goodwill or Salvation Army will be getting some boxes of things for their stores. The idea of organizing has flowed over to my clothing and all the clothes that I have that I don't like or don't want are going the way of the thrift store also.

My first show of the season is at the Old Port Festival in Portland, Maine on June 7, 2009. This is an exciting event and last year was the first year to have artists and craftsmen there. It was a huge success for my art and I am hoping it will be more so this year. The Old Port Festival has lots going on; not just vendors selling. If you can come on down, I believe you will have a good time. There are also shops and restaurants in the Old Port that are fun and exciting. Please pray for good weather for all who participate and come out for a day of fun.

The Bouchat family is having a reunion this summer and it is on a day that will make it possible for me to attend. Living in Maine can get to be a lonesome place when all of your family is in Maryland or beyond. Well, I should not have said all my family as I do have my husband, his sister and their small family here in Maine. Getting away for a few days in never long enough to see everyone or do all that I would like to do when I visit. The reunion will take care of seeing many family members.

Things that I must do when in Maryland is to eat my fill of MD steamed crabs, crab soup, crab cakes, crab .... Kind of remind you of Forrest Gump and the shrimps. Maryland blue crabs are the food I miss the most since moving to Maine. Sorry Mainers, but Maine crab meat doesn't come close to Maryland blue crab.

I will get to see my daughter. There is never enough time visiting with her. She lives in Washington, DC. DC is not a place that I would want to live in. Too much noise, traffic, rudeness,and smog. choke, cough, sputter! Once again this year, we will spend a day at the zoo in DC with Michelle. Hopefully this year I won't take away one of their critters. Last year I found a tick on my back after being at the zoo. Fortunately, it was checked and was only a dog tick.

A must this visit is a footlong hotdog at Ann's Dari Creme. It has been ages since I've tasted one of those tantalizing tastebud treats. It will have to be one with the works. YUM! That will mean having salad for the rest of the day as it must contain a full day's worth of carbs.

As always I will have my camera with me and will take tons of photos. You can be bored with all my photography by checking my photos on Facebook. Believe me I will share whatever I take while in Maryland. You will get to see my family and much much more.

With all this busyness, I did take time for myself. The KISS crop in Albion was this past Saturday and it was a remarkable day. The pot luck food was scrumptious. We had homemade spaghetti sauce with meatballs, corn chowder, salads, a homemake cheese cake (perfect) and more. The best part is the pulchritudinous group of ladies that are there.

This was my second time to participate and it was even better than the first. The more I get to know these women, the more I want to learn. It is a must to thank Kim Young for all the work she does it putting these together.

Well, it is time to get back to work on the house. I will say goodbye for now. Until next time, keep thinking positive and be creative. All of you have creative ability. You may not be and artist but you can be creative in your cooking, home decoration, playing with your children and there are many more ways. I look forward to hearing how you are creative. Take care and God bless.