Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well, hello. Between computer problems, blogging problems and life in general, it has been awhile since I've been on. Much has happened and I will start with the most recent and work in reverse.

Today started with me over sleeping and missing Church. I am sad and dissappointed that I did not make it. Church is fun, a learning experience, fellowship, I get to sing out loud in praise and thanksgiving and no one complains, and mostly it is connecting with God. My relationship with Him grows and I become closer to Him when I attend Church.

Probably would not have retained much this morning as I feel like a Mack Truck ran me over. Yesterday was the Corinna show. All the carrying, lifting and sitting in a wet, mud sodden field has done a number on my bones and muscles. Stiff, achy, and feeling tired; that's me this morning.

The fair was great but sales were not good. Last year sales were bad and this year it was worse. Alas, the day was not a total loss. I made friends with a Heifer, Daisy May. What a sweetheart. First she tried to eat my dress and then she proceeded to lick my hand and give me sloppy cow kisses. It was wonderful. She liked listening to me talk to her. I also met two young calves and enjoy a short conversation with them to. The owner said that I was a "cow whisperer".

Cora, my sister-in-law, arrived and had lunch with us. She always get the grilled chicken and I always get the pulled pork. It was delicious. Having here visit for a bit was very nice. It helped make the day seem not so long. Cora is a good friend and enjoyable to be around.

The other high point of my day was a customer who bought one of my military cards. He was up there in age and needed a walker to get around. We had a facinating chat about when he was in the Army under Eisenhower. He was looking for a card with a tank on it as that was his job during the war. You know more people should take time talking and listening to our senior citizens. They have so much to share and we have even more to learn.

So my gain for the day was a lovely conversation, a new friend - Daisy May, good food and friendship, aches and pains, bug bites gallore and $18.75.

Creating has taken a back seat to trying to organize. Goodwill received a big load of stuff on Friday and there is more to go. I am being brutal with things. If we are not using it and don't plan on using it in the near future; it's out of here.

We traveled to Maryland for a Bouchat family reunion. The drive down and back was worth it. Such a joy to see those that I haven't been around in ages. It was sad that some could not come but I understand that it will never be a complete reunion. We are spread out and have families. Life also steps in and changes our plans. Hopefully, we will be able to do this more often.

It was great to spend time with my daughter, Michelle. She was living in Washington DC at the time. I will never know why people live in that place. It is too crowded and noisy. How do they sleep? All night long there were sirens, traffic and loud people on the streets. Again this year, we went to the National Zoo. However, this year it was not pleasant. It was way too hot and the animals were not moving. I spent a small fortune on cold drinks and snow cones and then we left to have dinner in an air conditioned restaurant. Ahhh, the BBQ ribs were super. Then it was another night with Michelle and the ride home.

I have been to the KISS crop again.It used to be in Albion and is now in the Masonic Hall in China Village. It is a much better place; brighter and cleaner looking. I will miss the wonderful women there. Summer is much too busy with art shows, so I am putting a hold on the crop until this coming Fall.

The search in on for some old small Mason canning jars; dings and chips are welcome. I want to try a new angle to my art. Also, I am searching for Military postcards and ephemera. What am I saying? I am always searching for things and always welcome these treasures. Remember me when you clean house, go to yard sales, or whenever you come across something unique, unusual, even bizarre. If you think it can not be useful, it probably can be used by me.

Later today, when I am feeling better, I think I will go to the Antique Mall in Fairfield, ME. It is raining again and what better way to get away from the rain than looking at aged treasures.

Thank you for reading my blog and may God bless you all.