Saturday, February 21, 2009

The envelope please.....

....and the winner is Deb Clark!

The winner was chosen by a random pick. So Deb, your card is on it's way.

It feels good to be creating again. I have been working on cards and enjoying the time spent with my treasures. One of the suggestions to get the creative juices flowing again was to stop working on my art and start organizing my supplies. Wow! It didn't take long and I was finding things that I wanted to work with. Now the organizing is put on hold and little pieces of art are being made. Thank you, Charlene, for the idea.

It is beautiful today and I wish I could walk through the woods and take pictures but the snow is too deep. The sky is such a pretty blue and there are some wispy clouds on the horizon. The wind is shaking the trees and snow is falling in which startles the birds resting on the branches. When I was filling the bird feeder, the birds were flying around and I could hear the soft flapping of their wings; such a gentle, peaceful sound. Hearing this has me thinking of how to convert that sound into a piece of art. How would you convert sound into a silent piece of art? And even so that it is silent, it speaks volumes!

Much can be said in silence. There is that quote, "a picture is worth a thousand words." This is one of the things that pleases me about my art. Each person that gazes at my art creates their own words about that piece of art. Some people have told me stories about a piece of art. Isn't it amazing that two people can look at one piece of art and come away with two completely different concepts. Little children are so very good at making stories from my art. Their minds are free. They have no preconceived ideas about what things should or should not be. They just let their thoughts flow and thus create.

Once again I must say good bye and get back to my art. Take care and may God bless you.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The snow is falling by the buckets full and I am sitting inside watching it fall while I create Easter cards. Not what you would think of as a setting for creating Easter things but it is for me. As I sit here with the wind blowing and the snow keeps coming down, I think that it is not much longer till Spring will be here. Close your eyes and imagine warm breezes, green grass, budding trees and blooming flowers. Ahh, what a nice "take me away moment." This is where my brain is today. I'm "tiptoeing throught the tulips" with my art supplies. It is a delight to be looking at bunnys and flowers, to touch soft fuzzy lambs, and swirl colors of pink, yellow and green.

I enjoy getting glue on my fingers and paint spots on my clothes. My table is covered with ribboms, lace, cards, charms and paper, paper, and more paper. I am in my element when there is a clutter of things in front of me. Creations blossoms out of the piles of of what some call chaos. Having a neat work space does not work for me. I work well when there is an abundance of ideas before me. Then I whittle it down to one thing at a time. Well, it's time to get back to work. I'm posting two of the Easter cards that I've created so far. Have a beautiful day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A new beginning

Greetings and Welcome,

This is my first blog and I am learning as I go along. Please bear with me and give advice if you so desire. Creating a blog is something that I have been wanting to do but have a tad bit of fear that it would not be done right.

I am an assemblage artist and want to use my blog to share my art, ideas, and creativity or lack there of. Lately, there has been a lack in my ability to get ideas into pieces of art. Do you ever have times when your brain is like Grand Central Station? Ideas are coming in and going out so fast that they have not time to take hold? That is where my brain is right now. So, how do I slow it down enough for creativity to be productive and not slow it down to the point of no ideas at all?

Then there is always the monkey wrench that life throws into the plans of creating. Alas, that is also part of the problem. My husband has been on sick leave since mid December. Nothings is as it should be; nothing is normal. Though there is little that is "normal" in my life and that is where some of the ideas come for creating my art.

Thank goodness for my cats. They help keep me sane. There are times when they do drive me a bit buggy. Like when Kai Li wants to help me work on the computer or create. Have you ever tried to glue things together with a cat who wants to sit in the middle of it? This keeps life interesting and at times makes things better than what I first had planned. There are no mistakes in my art; just wonderful journeys to art that is at times serene, or art that tends to be uniquely original, or somewhere in between. What a wonderful journey this is. I do enjoy creating art to be appreciated by others.

Being that this is my first blog, I want to do something special for you. So, if you will email me a message stating what you do when your creativity fails, your name will be put in a drawing and I will send this card to you. (Ending date is midnight on 2/20/09.) I am looking forward to hearing from you and perhaps you will be the lucky one to receive this blog bonus.