Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First picnic of 2009


The weather lately has been just delightful. This past Saturday, I went on the first picnic in 2009. We drove over to Thompson Island which is a part of Acadia National Park. It is just a small area but nice for picnics. It was so refreshing to be outside in the sun and to feel the cool salty breezes.

When we arrived, we picked a table that was out in the sun as it was a bit cool. So, I donned my blue leopard fleece and went about setting up the food. We had a lunch of tuna sandwiches, some chips and oatmeal raisin cookies for dessert. Yum! Isn't there something about eating outside that will make a plain old sandwich taste so much better.

After eating, I grabbed my camera and went walking about the park. There was so much too see. I tree had recently fallen giving me a photo opportunity. Then down to the water. The stones were pretty and were being washed by the small waves. There were snails coming out to enjoy the Spring day and a few Seagulls fluttered here and there.

As I was walking along the water going from rock to rock, my foot slipped and splash. Boy, is that a wake up call. The water was so cold!

However, that did not deter me from my search for nature's beauty. There were so many eye-catching clusters of bits and pieces of earthy items. Shells were sparkling at the water's edge. Feathers floated lazily in the lapping waves. The rocks and stones formed geometric patterns that would be pieces of art in themselves.

It was an inspiration to my creative mind to just take all of this in. My brain is on overload with ideas and I have photos to help me remember what I saw. The digital camera is an amazing device. I can take all the pictures that I want and when I get home, I delete those that did not turn out the way that I wanted. What a grand time I have once I have the photos downloaded onto the computer. "Should I keep this one?" "No, this one has to go." I also have the opportunity to go over the days events; to relive and marvel at all that I have seen and done.

Now that Spring is here, I want to be outside more and more. I want to go about and see God's art work. He is the Master Artist. Take time to look around in wonder at the things that are placed before you. May God bless you all.

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  1. And you'll want to wear lots of bug repellent and maybe even a headnet because the black flies? THEY ARE HERE!!!!!