Friday, August 28, 2009

Yes, it is me - I have not fallen off the face of the Earth

Hello, This has been a busy Summer. The art shows are lots of fun and lots of work also. For the most part, the shows were successful and I am very please with the results. However most of the Summer was rainy and our usual weekend picnics did not happen.

The weather for the shows was good but for two of them it was too hot for me. I am not a hot weather person. Give me weather 70 degrees and under. Therefore, the thought that Autumn is near is very welcome. It was so nice to open the windows and let in the cool air last night. Ahhhh, fresh air; nothing compares to it.

Creativity usually falls by the wayside during the Summer due to being so busy. However, I did have to create as so many cards were sold that I had to make more to sells. I love that. Customers are falling in love with my cards. Many buy the cards and then get a mat and frame and have a gift and card all in one.

Being out with the public and hearing there comments makes for an encouraging time. So many times, I hear "Thank goodness you are here. If I'd see another painted lighthouse; I think I would scream." I am not saying that the other artists are not good. They are very good but so many of them paint the same thing and people are looking for something different. If the economy were better, I would have sold more art. Too many people just don't have the money for extras and I see and hear their frustration.

One day this we went to Fort Knox and went up in the observation tower in the new bridge there. Well, I did fine getting off the elevator. However, when I started up the stairs that to to the observation room, my legs turned into jello and I had to go back down. It is beautiful up there but this fear of being up high just took over. I was told that there are several people every day that look out when the elevator doors open and say, "I'm not going out there.

The elevator door opens to about three feet of floor space and then there is a glass wall from floor to ceiling. There are about twenty steps to the the observation room and that is where I lost it. I have a habit of looking at the stair as I walk. This came about because of falling down stairs and breaking my ankle when I was in high school. Now I watch every stair I step on. Looking at the steps, I could also see through the glass walls to see how high I was up. Couldn't do it. Oh well, Jim went on and took my camera. I have pictures to see the scenery.

Now I am trying to get ready for my daughter's visit in September. There is also a show on September 12th in Portland. It is called the Picnic and it is at Lincoln Park. It should be a fun day as they are having band playing all day and there are 100 artists and craftsmen going to be there. Much needs to be done and I am lacking the energy to accomplish my to do list.

How do you increase you energy? I have tried so many different things from vitamins to exercise and nothing seems to work. I am open to suggestions. Feel free to respond and give me your suggestions.

Why is that the older I get the more I miss my family in Maryland? It is on my heart more and more as time goes by. Living in Maine is very enjoyable. The laid back lifestyle goes along very well with my views on life. My Church is wonderful. The scenery here is terrific year round. However, there is something missing and that something is family. It weighs heavy on my heart that we are so far apart.

There is much to look forward to this year as far as my art is concerned. I will be participating in two holiday craft shows for Christmas. One will be on Thanksgiving weekend and the other will be the last minute Christmas shopping mid December. I have already started gathering Christmas items to make cards and have created a few. Making Christmas cards is difficult when it is hot out. The whole feel of the holiday is not there for me. Don't think that I could live in a place where it is warm all year long.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Please take a few minutes to send a message. Perhaps this will help with my longing for family and friends who are far away. Thank you.

May you find peace, joy, and many blessings coming your way. I pray that our Heavenly Father watch over you all. God's blessins always. All my love to you.

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  1. We went to the Penobscot Narrows Bridge/Observatory just a few weeks ago. I got some good pics, although it was past peek. Two years ago we got some great ones! Brad used to go by it every day on the way to Deer Isle to work as they were building it. Amazing feat.