Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Hello, Today is Earth Day and since some of my customers call me the "Green" Artist, I though I would write a little bit for today. The reason they call me the green artist is that I reuse and recycle things in my art. It is to the point where I find it difficult to throw things away. My home proves this; boxes everywhere. In fact, today, I am going through the boxes and sorting things that I will use and things that I will sell at a sale. I am finding many duplicates that I will not use and items that are not my style but could be for some one else. These items I will hand on to those who can use them to create with. Keep checking my blog and I will let you know when and where the sale will be.

It has been rewarding going through all the boxes and sorting. I am finding things that I did not know that I had. My mind is working overtime thinking of all the art that I can create. My goal with sorting is to get somewhat organized. I know that I never will be totally organized but to have a bit of order will help.

The extra bedroom is going to be my storage room for my supplies and tools. So far, one wall is paneled with peg board so I can hang the tools and will be able to see them. The rest of the walls will be shelving to hold my supplies. It will be nice when it is completed. Say a prayer that I can keep the momentum going to complete the project.

When this is done, I will be able to see all the things that I will recycle into art more easily. Creating will be more pleasurable, if that is possible. Creating is always a pleasure now. Also, the living room and dining room will be free of the clutter of boxes stacked here and there.

Remember me when you are doing your spring cleaning or sorting your old jewelry. I use everything- jewelry, knickknacks, postcards, cards, bead, findings, found objects, ephemera, and etc, etc, etc....

Have a beautiful and may God bless you.

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  1. Susan Brks is having a "Barn Sale" from 9-1 on May 2. She'd LOVE it if you brought over a table and sold your goodies there. Just give her a call.

    Email me if you need more info...