Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a wonderful day.

When it started raining last night, I thought, "Oh no, another rainy day to come." Well, it was a gorgeous day. It does wonders for me to wake to blue skies and sunshine. I got up and proceeded to get ready for Church. Due to several things, I had missed Church for a few weeks.

Going to church was another thing to give me a boost. It was so refreshing. Pastor Brent and the worship team sang songs that just lifted my soul. The sermon was informative as well as being enjoyable. Then of course there is the fellowship with friends that brings joy to me.

There were no plans to go anywhere today. Yesterday, we went to Mt. Blue State Park for a picnic and today was just going to be a stay at home day. When I got home I asked Jim if he wanted to take a ride to Freedom. We were going to visit the three sister at Beaver Ridge. What I call the three sisters are three wind turbines.
We drove around Freedom, trying to find these giants. We could see them from some places and not others. We drove down dirt roads that turned out to be dead ends and some roads were in pretty bad shape. We kept trying road after road and finally went down the first road we thought might be it but rejected it at first. After driving in a huge circle, we proceeded down that road and voila, there they were.

Two of them were in front of us and the third could be seen after taking a short walk. They are beautiful. The three sisters were perfoming an aerial ballet. I was mesmerized with them and thoroughly enjoyed watching them dance. My camera came out and snap, snap, snap. The photographs are on Facebook.
I have heard many people say that they make a lot of noise. There was some noise but it was similar to a white noise machine. It was a relaxing sound for me and I could have take a nap. While I was walking about a family walked by with two beautiful German Shephards. They were so friendly and came up and started giving my hand doggie kisses. It was nice to feel dog drool once again. Can you tell that I miss the dogs we had?
Today was as near to perfect as it could get. In my prayers tonight, I will be thanking God for all the good things that He had placed before me today. May you find that God is putting good things in your life also.
Good night.

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  1. Praise God for those occasional perfect days that give us respite from the storms!