Thursday, March 12, 2009

How do I create with so much going on

Greetings, Much has been going on in my life for a long time. Family matter weigh heavy on my heart, health issues need to be addressed, and yet I find the creativity within me is still pouring forth. How does this happen? At times when you would think that the mind would be so bogged down with "STUFF" that nothing creative could possibly surface.

This is an easy answer for me. I have full trust in the Living God to see me through. He is always there for me and has helped me to come up with some unique ideas. I was stuck in a rut and only rehashing old ideas that I did not want to work on. So, I asked Him for help. Then there was the "aha". No big AHA, just a quiet aha. There was a soft gentle voice speaking to me. One of the things that I heard was "hands and color". This led me to scan my hand and alter the colors. Then I thought where to go from here.

What should I do with these hands. I must say that I love all the color; but where do I go with them. There were a few ideas, as helping hands (physical therapists), loving hands (mothers), working hands... There was another "aha". Working hands was the answer. I am going to make a piece of art with hands of many colors and many occupations. It is a work in progress and is taking longer to put the idea together than most. I feel good about this one; hopefully, something unique and bold.

I have a friend who asks me what does each piece of my art mean. For most of my pieces there really isn't a meaning from within - no hidden deep realities. Does the hands piece have a hidden agenda? NO, my art just is. I find from talking with people viewing my art: that each person finds their own "meaning" from the art. Little children can tell me whole stories about a piece of art. It is a joy to watch people explore my art at the shows and to express their opinions. I even enjoy listening to those who don't care for my style of art. Listening to the public opens my eyes, heart and mind to other possibilities. Listening to God helps me to handle all that is happening in my life. God bless you all.

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