Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.....

It is a good thing that you are not here to hear me sing this. It has been a rough few weeks of allergies and my voice is gruff and raspy. However, this is a wonderful day and great gift from God. It has spurred a mass of ideas. My brain that has been gone for about two weeks is now humming away like a behive on a hot day. There is so much that I want to do now to find the time and all the needed things to accomplish them.

When I walked outside this morning to feed the birds, it was delightful. The air was crisp with a hint of winter still there and it was so fresh. I just stood there looking at the baby blue sky inhaling. The clouds were like wispy cotton puffs just leisurely floating by and all of this started me singing. Being very grateful to be alive and able to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds me, is an amazing gift. What a blessing!

My brain has come up with a new piece of art and now I am on the look for a large fancy key. In a box that I bought from an auction, there was a bag of keys that have been cut into pieces. What I want to do is use these keys for the background and then paint the large key that I'm looking for bright gold and that will be raised in the center. What do you think symbolizes? I don't normally share my own ideas about the main idea of my art because I like others to come up with their own "story" about the art itself. If you have any thoughts on this idea, I welcome your response. Receiving input from others inspires my creativity.

This past weekend, I went to a Pampered Chef Party and had lots of fun. The food was super yummy and being out of the house and spending time with other women was refreshing. It was like springtime for my soul. Sometimes, it is forgotten how important just being out and about is. Cabin fever can set in without realizing it and I get into the rut of just going along; day after day after day.....

With this weekend and today's weather, I am ready to move forward and greet the world. To be creative and productive and to embrace what comes to me whether it be great, good, or not so good. What is placed before me is there for a reason and hopefully I will learn from it.

To all my readers: go forth, greet the day, embrace the happenings for what they are and broaden your thoughts, your creativity, your brain power, and grow!

May God bless you with an abundance of love, peace, good health, and JOY.

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